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Using my hands to create, whether drawing, painting, jewellery, glass engraving or quilting, has been a major part of my life story. Finding ways to challenge my creativity has created the soul enhancing experience that has given me identity.

Having lived in several countries, taking evening classes has not only been a way of finding community but also a means to expose and try a variety of creative expressions. Each discipline has had its challenges and joys.

As time has passed it has been the brush and oil paint that continues to draw me forward. The previous art disciplines, knowledge and creative drive is finally finding it final expression. One has fed the other.

Taking a blank canvas and slowly developing a thought or image and bring it to fruition creates a deep personal accomplishment.

I paint today both in my studio and plein air with a group. The studio is for more detailed work, plein air the experience of the outdoors expressed on a 2-dimensional surface.

The final satisfaction is the comments and sense of joy experienced by the general public as I exhibit what for me is a personal journey.


  • 1972 – 1976 Alberta College of Art major in printmaking/minor painting

  • 1976- 1977 Brighton Polytechnic UK

  • 1983-1984 University of Calgary, Education Degree

  • 1989- 1995 – evening classes in  & Copper wheel & Intaglio Glass engraving

  • 1998- 2004- evening classes in silversmithing and jewellery design.

I continue to expand my painting journey through workshops, visiting museums, art books and mentorship.

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